Get your monthly snack treats from around the world. Every month new country, new snacks, and new tasty adventure of exclusive products you can't easily find at your local store.

Explore Country Box

Get your classic American sweets and snacks every month and let's enjoy the snack adventure from the 50 states of the USA.

Explore USA Box

SnackPilot's Mission

SnackPilot aims to fly around the world and crush the boundaries between the diverse snacking cultures of Europe and other countries through exciting US state and country-themed snack boxes. This huge goal is fueled by our desire to introduce Europe to the various cultures inherently embedded in every snack from countries around the world.

Our fun snack adventure shall take off to each state of US and around the world each month. Another month, another tasty snack box treat!

However, the adventure doesn't end there!

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