How it started...

Fadi the SnackPilot loves to travel around the world.

Every time he visits a place, he would constantly be amazed by the variety of flavors each country has to offer. He thought everyone needed to try these amazing snacks too! So he decided to share this exciting snack experience with the rest of the world through fun and delicious snack boxes!

SnackPilot's Mission

SnackPilot aims to fly around the world and crush the boundaries between the diverse snacking cultures of Europe and other countries through exciting US state and country-themed snack boxes. This huge goal is fueled by our desire to introduce Europe to the various cultures inherently embedded in every snack from countries around the world.

Our fun snack adventure shall take off in the United States of America. Another month, another state snack box! Trying new snacks and perhaps rediscovering flavors is what this snack-filled journey around the 50 states of America is all about.

However, the adventure doesn't end there!

We shall fly out of the United States and snack through the many different countries outside Europe! There will always be a chance to experience the culture of a nation through their snacks right from where you are.

This is the experience we want to share with you, so join us as we momentarily escape Europe and travel the rest of the world.