Send your taste buds on an ecstatic adventure

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What's in the box?

The Best-Of Box is filled to the brim with the world's most popular and delicious snacks! Have you ever heard of m&m's Bounty, crispy kinder Schokobons or Mars Pods? These and many more are waiting for you in our Best-Of Snackbox! So what are you waiting for! On your mark, get set, ...snack!

us cheetos

Ch**tos Flamin' Hot 🇺🇸

These cheese chips are not for the faint-hearted! With their spicy taste, they are just right for all those who like it spicy.

us dill pickles

Dill Pickle 🇺🇸

Since 1898, Van Holten's Pickle-In-A-Pouch has been making pickles with the craziest flavours. From dill to tapatio to warheads! See for yourself the savoury dill taste of this pickle. Simply dill-icious!

india kinder creamy

Kinder Creamy 🇮🇳

Familiar but so different! This spoon egg is topped with a "crunchy" layer of puffed rice. Underneath is the familiar milk and cocoa cream. Spooning fun for young and old!

uae kinder crispy

Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy 🇦🇪

If you love chocolate bonbons, you should definitely not miss this variation! Coated in a crunchy crispy layer with a light cocoa note and filled with a delicately creamy chocolate & milk cream!

australia kinder tronky

Kinder Tronky 🇦🇺

The perfect snack for on the go! The cocoa wafer is filled with a chocolate milk filling with crispy biscuit crumbs hidden inside.

australia m&m

m&m's Bounty 🇦🇺

Inspired by the Bounty chocolate bar filled with coconut and covered in chocolate, the new m&m's creation has been created. Coconut-flavoured chocolate covered in the typical colourful m&m shell!

australia pods

Mars Pods 🇦🇺

A crispy baked wafer shell filled with a soft SNICKERS filling of peanut caramel and a delicious milk chocolate topping! Perfect for snacking!

sweden redbull

RedBull Peach 🇸🇪

Fruity energy kick incoming! The juicy taste of ripe peaches meets the typical RedBull note. A real guarantee for awake moments!

india snickers berry

Snickers Berry Whip 🇮🇳

This peanut bar will make your taste buds go wild! Between the familiar peanut layer with caramel is a layer of strawberries and creamy nougat. The chocolate coating makes this dream perfect!!

india snickers green

Snickers Kesar Pista 🇮🇳

Discover an exciting taste experience! This popular classic is filled with brown milk chocolate, pistachios and saffron cream!

mexico takis

Takis Fuego 🇲🇽

Get ready for the unique taste of these rolled crisps sticks! The combination of chilli and fresh lime is guaranteed to make you sweat!